This is my take on Justin Bieber’s NEW single #BOYFRIEND. :)

I love you Bieber! 


#6days! My take on Boyfriend haha. Much love to JB!

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

What i think it might sound like! :)

Version #2 with the posted lyrics!


This is how I think Boyfriend is going to sound! SOO Excited! *FanGirling! Ahh! Its going to be amazing! Just by reading the lyrics I know its going to be the best song EVER! xoxo Lexi Segal! (Immabelieber1jb) 

Well atleast i tried !

i hope you guys enjoy , i’m sooooooooooooooo excited for BOYFRIEND . xoxo Mariana

teachthebieber: think it’ll go like this. would be a #1 Hit!

Justin Bieber’s NEW song Boyfriend !
these are a few ideas i came up with for his Tumblr/Twitter challenge
i also made an interesting suggestion lol so check it out!! thanks for watching ;D

This is what i think #Boyfriend will sound like :) Hope you like it and i hope Justin sees it <3 Much love, @SwEetAnGeL167